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 Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd. (for short TYHI) established in 1998, which is the first listed company in Chinese heavy-duty machinery industry, belongs to Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd(for short TZ). TZ was originally known as Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Plant and was established in 1950.

Our main products include train wheels and axleslifting equipment, wind power generating equipment,excavating equipmentMarine engineering equipmentcoke oven equipmentgear drive equipmentrolling equipmentforging & press equipmentcoal chemical equipmentcrane for civil constructionport machinery equipmentoil film bearingforgingscastings and EPC project. TYHI’s products are widely used in the metallurgical, mining, energy, transportation, offshore, aerospace, chemical, rail, ship building, environmental protection and various other industries. We have already supplied more than 2000 types nearly 30000 sets of equipment to National Key Projects. As a national key enterprise, Taiyuan Heavy Industry has been designated a “national treasure” and “trailbreaker of national economy”
Baoji Biyoute Materials Co.,Ltd as the only one supplier of steel bushings to TYH,We provid our products and services to TYH over 15 years.

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