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Shanghai Peiner SMAG Machinery Co., Ltd, (formerly known as Shanghai Qifan SKET & Peiner Machinery Co., Ltd.) is a Sino-German joint venture founded in 1995. The Company is engaged in design, development and manufacturing of lifting, transportation, loading and unloading machineries. The technology and trade mark are licensed under the world-known "PEINER" grab while the operation and management mode is in-accordance with its parent company PSLT under the SMAG group in Germany. 

The Company is a well-known domestic professional manufacturer of grabs, boasting strong technical force, advanced processing equipment, complete quality assurance system and full range of inspection facilities. All key personnel from design, production, quality and sales etc. are professionally trained in Germany. Core business is consisting of research, development,  manufacturing and sales of various kinds of grabs, container spreaders, large slab tongs, coil tongs and bale tongs by using the special technology from "PEINER". Jointly with our parent company in Germany we established a worldwide service network thus ensuring complete worldwide quick-responding after-sales service. Others business including custom-made structural parts such as couplers for high-speed rail and subway. Products are widely used in ports, power plants, metallurgical industry, waterway dredging, waste disposal, stevedoring, high-speed rail vehicles and have been exported to countries and areas such as USA, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Australia, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong, having good reputation in the market and highly valued by customers. Our customized product solutions are able to bring customer greater handling efficiency and create values for both customers and ourselves.
The Company is accredited under the German RWTüVISO9001:2008 quality assurance system. In 2001, the company firstly obtained the DIN18800-7 Class E certificate (dynamic load steel structure welding qualification) for steel structure welding enterprise and then in 2002 obtained the DIN6700-2 (replaced by EN15085-2 in 2008) certificate for wheel-track vehicles and accessories, the first domestic enterprise having two SLV certificates (issued by SLV-Duisburg) in China. in 2012 the company again passed through the ISO3834-2 welding product quality certification (by CANBCC). The readiness of all quality system provide our customers a perfect assurance to the quality of our products.
Baoji Biyoute Materials Co.,Ltd as the only one supplier of wear resistance parts to SHP PEINER SMAG GmbH.We provid our bushings and pins and services over 5 years and we won the customer's trust and support.

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